ASOC LSA Guest Lecture – Neil Pinder

Thu 12 Nov 2020 at 18:00


DATE: Thu 12 Nov 2020

TIME: 18:00

You have the power.

Activist and educator Neil Pinder is coming to the University of Liverpool to discuss the powerful role students of architecture can play in inclusion. Neil’s latest venture is Homegrown Plus, an agency championing aspiring architects who may otherwise face barriers to the architectural profession. He has managed to inspire a new generation of designers from working-class, black, Asian and minority ethnic families, receiving national recognition for his work.

Could you be inspiring others? What role can you play in increasing inclusivity and diversity in architecture? For diversity to increase in creative industries, we need to act now; the power is in your hands. Networking, specifically online, is especially vital during these times. We need to empower ourselves and others to share ideas, collaborate to break down existing barriers.

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