LSA THURSDAY Evening TALKS – LSA21 Student led talk LSA Climate Crisis student group

Thu 25 Feb 2021 at 18:00


DATE: Thu 25 Feb 2021

TIME: 18:00

Joe Jack Williams from FCBStudios will provide an overview embodied carbon in construction, including:

– What is it and how do we calculate it

– Principles to reduce embodied carbon

o Reduce, reuse, source local, the Circular Economy, longevity

– Carbon sequestration

– The broader impacts of materials

o Resource depletion, pollution, water use

Joe is an Associate and researcher at FCBStudios and leads environmental research at the practice, identifying, developing and enabling research across sectors and projects. His specialism is the influence of the school building on the students studying within, measuring perceptions, environmental performance and building forms as well as predicting, measuring and mitigating carbon impacts of architecture. He has taught at a number of universities in the UK and is part of core research groups within Architects Declare, CIBSE and LETI.

LSA Climate Crisis

The Liverpool School of Architecture Climate Crisis Group is student-led and tackles environmental issues within the school and the wider university context. By doing so, we hope to encourage students and staff to be more environmentally conscious. Within the school, we aim to improve on issues such as the waste material created from model making, heating inefficiencies within the Leverhulme Building, and encouraging sustainable design in our studio work.