LSA THURSDAY Evening TALKS – SA 21 Student led talk led by BLAC – Black Led Architecture Collective

Mon 15 Mar 2021 at 18:00


DATE: Mon 15 Mar 2021

TIME: 18:00


About this Event
Martin Prince-Parrott

This semesters Guest Lecture Series features the first Events organised and introduced by our Student Led Groups.

These have been established to provide collective voices to encourage activism, influence and change, as well as supporting a culture of empowerment. The groups provide a network to voice out and act on issues and identities.

Black Led Architecture Collective (BLAC)

Our group aims to create a safe space for black students to be supported and heard. BLAC focuses on racial issues within architectural education and the architectural world, with a specific look at black people’s experiences within the profession. Within this group we will provide a range of educational tools and events such as book and film clubs to get a better understanding of architecture outside of the Western world. We are also interested in organising talks and podcasts to discuss issues that are prevalent in our current climate. Along with allies from other societies, we aim to produce termly zine for the entire school with hopes to display an end of year project at the degree show