Skills for Future Architects – Art of Communication 2, Storytelling

Tue 23 Feb 2021 at 17:20


DATE: Tue 23 Feb 2021

TIME: 17:20

About this Event
Create your architectural vision as a compelling story that captivates your audience. Hold any room like you’re meant to be there.

A crucial skill for creative people isn’t just design. Half the battle is getting other people to understand and believe in your ideas.

This 2-part workshop is about an essential “non-architectural” skills that you’ll need as a Future Architect – communication.

Join Appropri8 and Fourth Monkey in bringing together the creative worlds of architecture and theatre.

These sessions are designed to empower you, our Future Architects, with the communication skills to inspire trust & confidence – and create a narrative around your designs that will capture any listener’s imagination.

Using storytelling techniques and exercises derived from actor training. ‘The Art of Communication’ workshops will build your confidence and help you develop a strong, clear and engaging voice.

A voice that can make you heard anywhere, whether it’s design crits, job interviews, client pitches or critical work conversations.

Session 2: Storytelling. This will cover:

How to distill and contextualise complex or abstract information
Communicating your portfolio and designs

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