URBANISTAS – NW – A Talk by Lifa Zvimbande- Regional Director RIBA North West.

Thu 14 Jan 2021 at 18:30


DATE: Thu 14 Jan 2021

TIME: 18:30


The SHEbuild returns in 2021 to host 3 talks over 3 weeks in January. Up first is Lifa Zvimbande- Regional Director RIBA North West

UrbanistasNW are excited to kick 2021 with a bang! They are hosting our second SHEbuild series of talks aiming to tackle some of the issues/ aspirations we highlighted in their 1st Year Manifesto:

“Our aspiration is to shape our environment into a more equitable and diverse arena, creating a professional landscape that reacts to and reflects the successes and challenges we face. Current statistics confirm a lack of diversity, this perpetuates a failure to embrace potential significant opportunities and creativity.

14th January- Lifa Zvimbande- Regional Director RIBA North West.

Lifa has only been with the RIBA since April 2020 but has already begun making some drastic changes to change the way in which the RIBA is perceived and to make decision making more collaborative and inclusive. Further to the BLM movement Lifa has launched an initiative ‘EDI’ Equity- Diversity- Inclusion, a group ensuring the voices of all communities are heard- LGBTQ, BAME, disabilities, gender.