Jasmin Eastwood

Jasmin Eastwood

Winning Proposal

This summer I will be travelling to the Isle of Skye to conduct a week long study trip to explore the contemporary application of vernacular Highland architecture as part of the Honan Travel Scholarship awarded by the Liverpool Architectural Society.

Having completed my Part I Experience on the Isle of Man I came across Tholtans, the vernacular manx dwelling. These buildings are replicated across the landscape, often unsuccessfully, creating a pastiche vernacular that does not address the design ethos surrounding the original Tholtan.

Similarly Skye has its own unique building typologies including’Blackhouses’ and ‘Longhouses’. These forms, instead of being replicated, have been reinvented by local architects to create a contemporary vernacular architecture. In visiting the Isle of Skye I will explore how their designs have created an architecture that is fundamentally ‘Highland’, whilst simultaneously addressing the needs of a modern lifestyle.

Research from the field trip will feed into my dissertation subject and a presentation will also be given to the Liverpool Architecture Society this summer.


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