Samual Lyons

Samual Lyons

The Blloku area of Tirana has received the most significant transformation during Rama’s mayoral administration in regards to the repainted of buildings in bizarre styles and the clearance of illegal kiosks on public parkland.

My first aim will be to document the artistic styles used on the buildings, create a guide on where these buildings can be found in the city and provide a brief description about each one.

Next I will need to find out how concentrated the main area of regeneration is, then compare it to the surrounding areas. I will be interested in finding out if the affected areas have become a cultural hotspots with unique retail, bars and studio spaces as well as identifying how safe the area is perceived to be in comparison to its immediate neighbourhoods.

From there I would like to find out whether the repainting of the buildings is simply a cosmetic issue or if the buildings have been modernised to an acceptable inside. There will be obvious clues when observed from the outside although I would also like to find out by asking people in the area.

I have began networking with people in Tirana and ‘outsiders’ who know the city well therefore I hope to meet these people amongst others in the city and get their opinions of the transformation of their capital, focussing more on the artistic traits rather than the political.

Finally, I will take great consideration into the Albanian art scene and will visit a number of galleries and exhibitions in the city, particularly the contemporary art galleries to see whether the style used on the buildings correlates with the artistic work displayed in the national galleries.’

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